Alternator Belts, Timing Belts & Hoses

Alternator belts and hoses are often forgotten about until something goes wrong, as part of our annual service or air conditioning services we try our best to spot any visual wear, however sometimes until it breaks you just have no way of telling when and where!

When or should this ever happen to you then you can rely on Ilkeston Garage, our mechanics strive to ensure that your vehicle will be performing at its best before in the quickest time.

Cam belts & timing belts should be changed inline with your manufacturers recommendations and part of your service plan. Should one ever break the cost of repairing the engine can be high and in some cases a replacement engine is the cheaper option. We can replace or fix the damage caused, just give us a call for a free quote and professional advise.

Vehicle Belts & Hoses

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Scope of work

We can fix all of your belts & hose issues on virtually any vehicle, Ilkeston Garage offer free advise and will quote you before any decisions are made.

Our qualified technicians are trained to fix all aspects from air conditioning to timing belts and we are sure we will be the most competitive around.

We aim to be the best and not the cheapest. Full range of services offered, for example:

  • Air conditioning hose replacement or repair
  • Alternator belts replacement
  • Cam belts & timing belts
  • Radiator hoses, replacement & fixes
  • Service & routine maintenance belt replacement